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Here we are, another blog. There’s been a bit of inactivity on the blog front. This is due to the delay of my novel being published and other commitments beyond the world of writing. Hopefully my novel shouldn’t be too long now! But, I think it’s best to just take in a deep breathe of air and relax. As they say, patience is a virtue, and patient is what I’m being.

I am looking forward to my novel’s release. I’ll have to put my marketing head on and get my book out there to you the world at large. I sincerely hope the novel makes you think a little about the bigger picture, and not the main stream media’s version of the planet we all live on.

When the term conspiracy theory gets bandied about, people instantly think of paranoid lunatics who are fortunate enough not to be locked away someplace. Well, I suppose there is that element to it, but there’s also a lot of genuine people out there who probably feel the same way as I do, that something’s going wrong somewhere. Most people have had enough of politicians who feed us, the public, with a never ending trail of smokescreens and lies. What makes it worse, is the media reinforces the deceit, because those who control the economy, control the media too!

There are still people out there who buy into the bullshit that’s being peddled by politicians. I used to be one of them myself. Being an avid reader of the quality newspapers, going in depth with political analysis. Watching political ‘debate’ on TV, getting hot under the collar with anyone who disputed my perception of the world.

But then one day, I just thought ‘fuck this crap.’ I got bored with the never ending spin and gleaming media images these actors portrayed. Throughout the 20th and the early 21st century, we the people have had political ideologies in the form of capitalism and socialism, each of which has failed the public totally. The two world wars in the early 20th century, and the cold war between the former Soviet Union and America will tell you that. (Each nation armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons, ready to destroy the planet).

I hope in my life time, that a pure system of ideology will come forward and override all the crap that’s gone before in the past. For that to happen people need to wake up and say, enough is enough. If change does come and it’s allowed by those at the top, there will be the need for a totally new way of governance. Quite where that will come from, I have no idea? However, I do have faith in humankind, and one day this planet will be transformed, and be made into a place that’s worth living in.

Looking back into history, we can observe how brutal people’s lives were, on every corner of the globe. Maybe, when history students in the future reflect on the early 21st century, they will be able to conclude that humankind has moved on in leaps and bounds.


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